Aran Island Walk To Mass Needle Felting

Needle Felting is a craft where wool is felted by using a special needle felting needle. These needles come in various sizes (gauges) and typically have inverted barbs so that the wool is felted as the needle is poked in, and the needle can then be easily withdrawn because the barbs do not snag the wool on the way out.

The crafter can use a single needle felting needle in a single holder for fine, detailed work. The crafter can also use multiple needle felt needles in a special multi-needle felt holder tool (up to 10 needles at a time) for faster and less detailed felting.

This needle felt technique can be used to create flat needle felt paintings, 3-dimensional needle felt paintings or 3-dimensional needle felt sculptures.

Woolnutz is an example of a 3-dimensional needle felt sculpture.

Wet Felting is a popular craft where wool is felted by using water, heat, and friction. The friction for wet felting is created by using a special wet felting roller.

Wet Felting is ideal for creating 2-dimensional paintings and other items such as handbags, hats, etc.

Indeed, there is nothing to stop the crafter using both needle and wet felting techniques together in the same piece. 

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