With Yukan Craft, learning a craft will always be:

Easy-going, Fun, Confidence-building, Zesty, Creative, Energetic, Happy, Accommodating, Casual, Happy, Relaxed, Informal, Therapeutic, Productive

If you wish to arrange a private or group craft workshop please   and I will reply immediately

Learning A Craft Word Board

What Is Taught?

Crafting is a wonderful stress-reliever and my pleasure is passing on the joy of being creative.

You will be taught, in a very relaxed and fun way, to have confidence and belief in yourself, and in any medium which include:

  • Painting
  • Needle Felting
  • Papier-Mache
  • Wet Felting

I guarantee you will go home with a big smile on your face and a new zest for creativity.

Please tell me what you are interested in and I will accommodate you. And remember, all materials are provided and so feel free to try something you've never tried before. You just never know ...

Who Are The Classes For?

The classes are for anyone who wishes to be creative and have fun while learning.

Where Do The Classes Take Place?

I am an arts and crafts teacher and can come to your location if that's easier for you.

The location can be anything from a kitchen table to a community centre to a hotel lobby.

No group too small or too big.

Naturally, the craft being taught can sometimes dictate the type of venue. Needle Felting can be taught just about anywhere !!! Hence the beauty of this wonderful, clean craft.

Please for more details