Crazy nutzy needle felt characters.

Custom made Needle felted wool Portrait doll sculpture. This personalized handmade gift can be made to order. You can have this unique gift made for you or someone special.

These needle felted doll characters are made with 100% Natural sheeps wool.

Place these needle felt characters anywhere in your home or car or office and you will smile every time you see it.

Each character is unique, no two are 100% identical, but each will be close to the original item pictured.

I felt my characters very "firm", which takes a lot more time and wool but the result is a better sculpture and far more solid
You are sure to enjoy my felted characters for years to come.

I can turn any human/animal/inanimate object into a Woolnutz forever piece. Your pet cat, dog, horse, husband, wife, friend ANYTHING!!!

I can turn ANYTHING or ANYONE into a Woolnutz character. All I need is a photo and relevent information regarding the person or animal or object that you wish to receive. Just contact me with your request.

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Available to purchase from my online store. Just click here.